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How to delete a user specific data

Revocation of personal data processing agreement

All the data is stored in two databases, the online database and the archive database. When deleting the data/events regarding a user from CyberQuest the operation is performed from both the online and the archive databases.


Step 1

Authenticate in the CyberQuest web interface as Superadmin user

Alt text

Step 2

Alt text

Step 3

Create a new job from the “Action” menu in the top left corner

Alt text

Step 4

Complete the form with the appropriate information

Name: The name of the delete job Description: the description for the delete job Job Type: select from the drop down list the “Right to be forgotten” job type Data Storage: select the storage from where the data will be delete Period Spec. Type: Select the “Start & End Date” option Start Date: Select the start date from where to start deleting the data End Date: Select the end date from where to end deleting the data Is Active: switch ON the job to change state to “Activ” Matching Patterns: enumerate the user name that can be find in the events to be deleted

Alt text

Step 5

Save the new created job by clicking on “Submit”

Step 6

Execute the new created job by clicking on the “start” Alt text button

Alt text

Step 7

To monitor the job execution, navigate to “Settings>Jobs>Job Executions”

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