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Deploy Cyberquest agent from GPO

  1. Create a share accessible from all clients where the AgentCQ will be Deployed.

  2. Copy the the following files:

    AgentSetup.msi Alt text
    Copy config.ps1 Alt text
    agent.settings.json Alt text
  3. Edit file “Copy config.ps1”

    powershell Copy-Item -Path \\FS_server\CQDeployShare\agent.settings.json -Destination "C:\Program Files\CyberQuestAgent" Stop-Service -Name CyberQuestAgent Start-Sleep -s 30 Start-Service -Name CyberQuestAgent

    Where \FS_server\CQDeployShare\ is the path for the copyed files in step 2.

  4. Edit “agent.settings.json” file

"mqPassword": "VRW7Zl7RreWg9Q==",
"eventSyncQueueSize": 5000,
"compressData": false,
"encryptData": false,
"cleanupOlderLogsDays": 7,
"throttleCollection": 1000000,
"mqHost": "", //Cyberquest Server IP Address
"mqUserName": "cq",
"mqUseSSL": false,
"useHTTPSTransport": false,
"rejectUnauthorized": false,
"EventsThrottleQueueMaxSize": 100000,
"mqPort": 5672,
"mqSSLPort": 5671,
"tenant": "danielt-pc",
"HttpTransportUrl": "",
  1. Go to Domain Controller and open “Group Policy Management”

  2. Right click on the “Organization Unit” where the Policy will be applied (Ex. “Computers” OU) and select "Create a GPO in this domain, and Link it here".

  3. Name the new GPO “CQ Deploy GPO” and click “OK” button

    Alt text

  4. Right click on the new created GPO and select “Edit” option

  5. Navigate to “Computer Configuration > Policies > Software Settings > Software Installation”

  6. Right click on “Software Installation” and select “New > Package…”

  7. Browse to the share location created in step 1 and configured in step 3 (\FS_server\CQDeployShare), select the MSI file and click “Open” button

  8. Select “Assigned” option and click “OK” button

    Alt text

  9. Navigate to “Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Scripts (Startuo/Shutdown)”, right click on “Startup” and select “Proprieties”

  10. Go to “PowerShell Scripts” tab and press on “Show Files…” button

  11. In the new File Explorer window copy the PowerShell script file (Copy config.ps1) from the shared folder created on step 1

    Alt text

  12. Click on “Add…” button, click on “Browse” button, select the PowerShell Script “Copy config.ps1” and click “Open” and then “OK” > ”Apply” > “OK”

    Alt text

  13. Close “Group Policy Management Editor”, right click on the new GPO and select “Enforced” option

    Alt text