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How to connect to Active Directory

Cyberquest can be integrated with Active Directory or LDAP systems, allowing users to directly authenticate to Cyberquest. To do this, please follow these steps:

Step 1

Authenticate in the CyberQuest web interface as an user with administrative rights.

Alt text

Step 2

Navigate to "Settings > Application Settings > Active Directory".

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Step 3

Complete the fields with the appropriate information by pressing "Edit" button.

Active Directory Basedn: Location of the user used to connect to Active Directory. Example: "CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=com".

Active Directory Group: The Active Directory group intended for synchronizing users with Cyberquest.

Active Directory Password: Account password for the previously mentioned username.

Active Directory Port: The port for connecting with Active Directory LDAP service. Default port is 389.

Active Directory Server: The network IP address of Active Directory domain controller to query.

Active Directory Suffix: FQDN of the Active Directory domain.

Active Directory User: The administrative user used to connect to Active Directory. Example: "domain\Administrator". It is also the default user under which Cyberquest will perform event collection from Active Directory infrastructure.

Alt text

For each setting, press "Save" button to save changes and close the window or press "Close" button to close the window without saving changes.

After authentification, every new user has to be added by a Cyberquest administrator to their first group. After being added to one or more groups, new users can also be promoted as administrators, if needed.