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How to delete a user specific data

Revocation of the personal data processing agreement as per the "Right to be forgotten" context.

All the data collected in CyberQuest is stored in two databases types, the online database and the archive database. When deleting the data/events regarding personal data stored in CyberQuest the operation is performed both on the online and on the archive databases.

Step 1

Authenticate in the CyberQuest web interface as an user with administrative rights.

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Step 2

Navigate to “Settings>Jobs” and select the “Jobs” option.

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Step 3

Create a new job from the “Action” menu in the top left corner.

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Step 4

Complete the form with the appropriate information.

Name: The name of the delete job;

Description: The description for the delete job;

Job Type: Select from the drop down list the “Right to be forgotten” job type;

Data Storage: Select the storage from where the data will be delete;

Period Spec. Type: Select the “Start & End Date” option;

Start Date: Select the start date from where to start deleting the data;

End Date: Select the end date from where to end deleting the data;

Is Active: switch ON the job to change state to “Activ”;

Matching Patterns: Enumerate the user name that can be found in the events to be deleted;

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Step 5

Save the newly created job by clicking on “Save” button.

Step 6

Execute the new created job by clicking on the “start” button.

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Step 7

To monitor the job execution, navigate to “Settings > Jobs > Job Executions”.

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At the end of the job execution a check button will appear and "finished without error" message will appear at mouse hoover.

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