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How to manage credentials

Creating the credentials set the agent is using for collecting data.

Windows agent needs an account with administrative rights to collect data.

Step 1

You must be logged in to the CyberQuest web interface with a user with administrative rights.

Navigate to "Settings > Management > Credential Manager" page.

Alt text

On this page you can create access credentials for collection agents.

Alt text

Step 2

On this page you can create / edit / delete access credentials for collection agents.

You can also search for credentials on this page using the "Search" function on the right side of the page.

Alt text

Step 3

To create credentials press the "Add new credential" button and complete the form.

Name: This is the name given to the credentials. More than one set of credentials can be created.

Username/Email: Username;

Password: Password;

Confirmation Password: Confirmation password;

Domain: The domain name - if there is a case of using a domain user.

Notes: We can add details about credentials.

Alt text

Click the "Save" button to confirm the creation of your credentials or you can cancel by pressing the "Cancel" button.

Step 4

To edit the credentials, press "Edit" buttonAlt text. This process is almost identical to adding credentials.

You can also delete the credentials by pressing "Delete" buttonAlt text.